Most frequent questions and answers

Download the Watchdog Anti-Malware installer from here.

Run it, and click on the “Next” buttons until “Finish”,

That’s it!

You can follow step by step activation guide here.

You can also watch a step-by-step video on our YouTube channel.

Our team of engineers worked on the core technology of WatchDog Anti-Malware and we do have certain technology partners from who we are benefiting in terms of classification and clustering purposes in the cloud.

Currently, we support only Windows OS. However, we are constantly improving the capabilities of our products.

Yes, it works seamlessly regardless of the Win OS bit version.

Yes, we have designed Watchdog Anti-Malware to remove deeply embedded and persistent threats.

Watchdog Anti-Malware is not a complete antivirus solution, though it catches things AV misses. It is more of a second opinion scanner. Since there is never enough protection, we recommend using Watchdog Anti-Malware along with antivirus or other security software to ensure the overall protection of your PC.

You can try our brand new Anti-Virus here.

No, the lifetime was offered to our early beta users.

During a scan, the software will connect with our servers to communicate various forms of information. This information is stripped of any personal information and is used to help locate malware infections on your system only, not for any other purpose. This data typically includes file information such as a file’s metadata (hashes, names, versions, etc.) and in some cases, the contents of a file. We only collect file data on PE (executable files) and some non-PE files like browser plugins. We do not in any way scan or collect information on files like documents or images. You can read more on our Privacy Policy page.

No, but we do offer a fully functional 15-days free trial which you can download here.

Yes, you can. You may back up your license key for any case. In other to do that, contact our technical support directly at: support@watchdog.dev or give us a call at +1 855 213 4400

No, there is no impact on computer performance, you might notice some slowness while running a scan.

Yes, we advise you to only use one antivirus on your computer.

No, the free version doesn’t offer real-time scanning.

Right-click on the Watchdog Anti-Malware icon on taskbar and click exit.

In most cases, yes, Please contact the support team to help with this.

In most cases, yes, Please contact the support team to help with this.

You can step-by-step guide on our YouTube channel.

Yes, during the 15days of free trial version all od the features are open without limitations. Once the free trial is over you can still use the product but certain features are limited.

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