How to shop online safely this holiday season?

Shopping scams have also been happening a lot lately. People order something online and receive trash placed in a package instead. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has recorded several cases where people have been victims of such scams. People are coming across fancy-looking ads on social media sites, and when they order something, they get scammed. The made purchases have also included costly items like electronic appliances and furniture in which people have been getting scammed.

After the Coronavirus started, one of the COVID-19 related schemes is getting a mask in place of their order. Neither of the victims of these scams received a full refund. According to the Bureau, most of these websites had copied authentic telephone numbers and addresses from other business retail websites.

FBI has reported the following common sketchy things about these websites:

  • A very low price range
  • The websites were registered from only the last six months and that too, with a private domain registration to keep their data confidential.
  • These websites had used “.top” and “.club” instead of “.com,” which is normally used domain.
  • Their ads were being played on social media sites. 

Double-check the website if you’re placing an order online, check the reviews from other people. Cross-check the information they have provided on their website to see if it is genuinely their’s. Make sure to go deeper if the offer is way too good.

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