Cryptojacking Malware: What is it? How can you avo...

Cryptojacking is a hot new way to commit a crime and to make money using your hardware. The website you open in your browser can maximize your CPU in cryptocurrency, and encrypting malware is becoming more common. What is Cryptojacking?

What are the concerns Amazon Go brings?

You’ve all probably heard about Amazon’s improvement; they created different types of shops, bookstores, grocery stores, shops that are selling prepared and cooked food – and they’ve owned Whole Foods Markets for four past years. However, the launch of new

Hackers are stealing your cookies, but why?

Cookies don’t just track your web activity – they can also help hackers get your personal information and passwords. What Are Computer Cookies? Cookies are small files that are created by websites that you visit. They are designed to remember

Riskware: What it is, and how can you prevent it?

Every functional program can have vulnerabilities that hackers can easily track and attack. Riskware represents any software with a chance of attack.  What Is Riskware? Riskware is a name for a category of applications and programs that can bring risks

What is Crime as-a-service?

Crime as-a-service (CaaS) is a professional criminal cyber organization that anyone can find and have access to. It allows cyber criminals and hackers to sell their knowledge, service, tools, and experience to less experienced. You don’t have to be a

What is NFT and how does it work?

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of art? You could go to an art exhibit and purchase an item from there, and you could commission an artist to create something for you, or you could buy a token.

5 Malware types to worry about in 2021

Cybercrime is increasing as technology is getting more advance. The cybercriminals always look for victims, and as soon as they spot a vulnerable user in their territory, they attack. The cyberattack could be of any sort depending upon the attacker.

Malvertising: What is it? & How to prevent it...

The ads that you often see while online happening to be one of the sources of these cyberattacks. These ads could have malicious codes built-in them by online predators. If you tap on any of these ads, you have opened

Signs that your PC is infected with malware

350,000 malware versions are identified every day. The devices under the company’s use might be well protected, but it is tough to ensure that each employee’s device is also well protected. In the current circumstances, it is even harder to

Impact of ransomware on businesses

Ransomware is very harmful, especially for the business, as it can get hold of the confidential files and information. The various forms of Ransomware have been discussed in this blog. Ransomware’s main target and the protective measures that you could

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