How to safely connect during travels?

People these days have got back their pre-Covid habits; they started traveling again, especially when it’s summer. But, of course, we should always be careful when traveling with our material belongings and our data. 

How to use public wifi safely?

When we’re out of our house, network, and safe zone, we are exposed to many things- cyber criminals too. Public wifi networks are all around, and we use them without thinking when we should use them with caution. We should avoid accessing sensitive data for safe usage and not connect on totally unknown networks. We should turn off the automatic connection, turn our firewall on, and use VPN. VPN hides your data from anyone who is on the same network. Of course, you can always use your mobile hotspot. 

We never know who runs the network. No matter if it just says “Airport wifi,” that could be anyone trying to get your personal information. Anyone connected to the same network can easily see your password or credit card info. 


VPN prevents others from seeing your actions when you are online. It’s like another layer of security. You can access other services through a VPN too. 

Juice jacking

This is one of the most dangerous cyber-attacks. It’s tempting not to use a public charging port when your battery is dead, but hackers could steal your private info while you’re charging your phone. When you plug the USB cable, you are syncing it to the device you plugged it into. So anyone could access your phone, text messages, photos, or passwords. 

Protecting yourself

  1. Install anti-virus protection
  2. Update your software
  3. Use pronged charger instead of newer USB ones
  4. Backup battery
  5. Turn off your phone while charging
  6. Keep your phone locked

If your phone is infected, you should immediately reset it. 

Power bank

Bring yourself one fully charged just in case! It’s a reusable and compact battery that will keep you and your information safe while you are enjoying traveling. 

Enjoy without any devices!

It’s hard to leave all your devices away, especially if they’re needed for work. But it is much easier to enjoy nature and people in person and put your phone away for some time. We all need a good rest from social networks and phones, and we would be safe from hackers also! However, we should remember that anything unknown should be checked because anything could be potentially dangerous for us and our private information.

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