How to use mobile banking applications safely?

Managing money today is very different than how it used to be a couple of years ago. People don’t need to go to banks anymore to check their balance, manage transactions or get their money. With the increased usage of the Internet, banks and ATM-s are rare places to visit.

Nearly all of us have a smartphone, and we all have downloaded apps from our bank. They ensured everything was secured and safe because even a small mistake could ruin the bank’s reputation.

Apps like this often have a limited amount of money that can be transferred and all kinds of security codes no matter if we are logging in, logging out, or transferring money – all for security. But we can not be completely safe, especially when we are shopping a lot more around holidays. We always need to take care of our personal information. 

Here are a few tips that will help you deal with your money safely from your smartphone:

  1. Don’t use any unofficial apps.
  2. Always update your bank app – because every new update means more security, outdated apps are often exposed to risk.
  3. SMS authorization option – every time you transfer your money on or off the account, you will get an SMS so you can track what’s happening. 
  4. Log out when you aren’t using the app – if someone steals your phone and it ends up in the wrong hands, you’ll be sure that person can not get to your bank app without your permission. 
  5. Use a phone tracker – if your phone is lost or stolen, you can quickly delete all critical information when using a phone tracking app. 

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