How crucial is device protection for kids?

Together with technology improvement, all parts of human life have improved. Most kids have access to the Internet, and they have been exposed to smartphones since they were born. It’s trendy that one 5-year old has his smartphone. 

No one on the Internet is safe when we talk about cyber-criminals, especially not innocent kids, and trust everyone. Kids mostly use the Internet for fun – not for education, so parental advisory is a must! It’s a fact that kids know more about technology than parents, and it’s easy to manipulate them. 

More internet users mean more cybercriminals also, so it’s impossible to track everything. Parents should not think that their kids are safer at home than on the streets because the Internet is full of cyber-criminal, violent content, pornography, vulgarity, and hate. 

It’s easier to take personal data from children than grown-ups because they don’t have credit cards or bank accounts, so that they wouldn’t notice until later in life. 

Rather than buying your kid a new phone, you should give them your smartphone, but before that, you should add extra security and restrictions. 

Every parent should :

  1. Control the time your kid spent online
  2. Automatically lock the device when it’s bedtime
  3. Restrict using some of the apps
  4. Check what Internet sites are your kid watching

You should take your kid’s security into your own hands because if your kid’s device gets hacked, you, your personal information, and your finances are at risk also. 

Security devices at school can also get hacked, and teachers lose their precious time by solving problems of a hacked device instead of teaching. Kids can also use all this information wrong to get away with doing homework and projects.

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