New ways cybercriminals using during the COVID-19

There has been a rise in the attacks by cybercriminals because of the current state of the world. A significant part of the globe is currently facing the COVID-19 epidemic, which led the businesses to be run online. As a result, these businesses became vulnerable to cyberattacks. Microsoft has reported a significant increase in cyberattacks during this epidemic. In these circumstances, it has become necessary that one must learn about cybercriminals and their attacks to protect their business. 

Malware attacks still the most seen attack by cybercriminals during COVID-19

This epidemic reached most of the world in February. The rise in cyber attacks also spiked up, just like the increase in the number of corona patients. The cybercriminals took advantage of the situation and manipulated the WHO campaign on COVID-19 awareness. People were confused and desperate to educate themselves about the virus online, but the cybercriminals used this confusion as a source for their cyber attacks. Microsoft reported a maximum increase in the cyberattacks at the start of the march. This time was one of the most critical times for all the countries, but unfortunately, each country became a victim of these cyber-attacks and the epidemic. 

Malware attacks still the most seen attack by cybercriminals

A significant increase in the number of cyberattacks was seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. The most commonly reported cyberattacks during this epidemic were Malware attacks. That is because the businesses and people were the most vulnerable and unprepared during this period. As a result, they became a victim of these attacks. But the malware still stands as the biggest threat to this day. 

Covid-19 attacks spiked with the virus

The world had to adapt to a different normal during this epidemic. This new normal, accompanied by several cyberattacks. The cybercriminal hid behind the trends of COVID-19 to attack their prey. The businesses that did not have a well-protected and well-secured cybersecurity system were the ones to get attacked by the cybercriminals first. 

What the data can tell us

The COVID-19 has become one of the most destructive events worldwide, not only because of the virus itself but also the socio-economic problems it has caused all along. Microsoft has reported several threats the world has faced during this time, one of them being the cyberattacks caused by cybercriminals. All the data collected by Microsoft has shown that these attacks and events were all significantly correlated. The cybercriminals have reportedly used local news and events to plan their attacks. İt is very important that people educate themselves about these attacks without risking their safety against malware attacks. This data can help inform people about cyber attacks and other attacks and events happening during this time. Next to being aware, it’s also essential to protect yourself against these kinds of attacks with software.

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