Why we should take Download folder more seriously

Your computer files are expected to be filled with all kinds of programs and apps that everyone forgets to delete. Things like that seem harmless, but they can get you into some problems.

Recently detected vulnerabilities in Java programs have put this area at risk. However, with Java, applications, and websites function correctly.

Java is a platform (technology) written in the same programming language that serves as an environment for executing interactive applications. Many sites, online games, programs use this technology, and if this media is not installed on your computer, it will simply refuse to work.

Sure, “Java” is already installed on your computer. Still, it’s always worth keeping the latest version on your system because “holes” in this software most often cause viruses to penetrate your computer. Platform updates are published with enviable frequency and regularity (as new vulnerabilities are discovered), but not all users remember this issue and ask for patches on time.

The installation software is designed to load files automatically and store them in the same folder.

This procedure shouldn’t put any risk to your computer because most of these folders aren’t vulnerable to attack. However, if cybercriminals manage to add this kind of file to the “Downloads” folder, and when a user wants to install Java for the first time, or they manually update it – that installation program will run.

One more risk is that these kinds of files download automatically even if they don’t run later. The attacker could hide malware in the download folder without the user knowing anything about it. The installation program would then execute those files. When you delete your browsing history, that only eliminates the visited websites, not stored ones. You should delete software and documents from your download folder.

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