We need to talk about your internet history

You should be aware that someone or even more than one person is watching you all the time. Not directly through your laptop camera, but your every move is tracked. People think that deleting stuff on your device means that no one can see it, but in fact, all of the tracks still exist.

Anything that you search and then delete doesn’t stay deleted – it’s all saved. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get that kind of evidence, especially from the police or law people. They can quickly look through your Internet history or your suspicious pornographic habits.

Who can see your web activity?

Wi-Fi network administrators
Unless it’s a secure site, the administrator of the public or private Wi-Fi network you use can see what sites you visit, what videos you watch, your social media activity, and so on. So be careful next time you use your company’s Wi-Fi!

Internet service providers (ISPs)
Your internet service provider gets you online and provides you with an IP address. Your ISP knows a lot about you. Your internet activity isn’t private, even in incognito mode. They can see your emails and the data you’re sharing.

Operating systems
Your phone or desktop operating system can see your location, sites you visit, and your social media activity.

Search engines
Famous sites like Google or Yahoo can see everything you search. Also, when you use your account to log in anywhere, they collect your data.

Mostly all websites use cookies to track your activity and collect data. They monitor you and gather information. If you reject them, then the website won’t work.

Apps can access your personal information if you let them see your location, email address, and billing info.

Police and law enforcement can quickly get information about your browsing data if you are included in cybercrime or something else. They can get them from your ISP.

Hackers can get all your personal information, browse the history, login information, identity, bank information, and everything else.

How can you protect your privacy?

You should use private windows and regularly wipe your browsing history, but that isn’t enough. Even if you are browsing privately, your IP information is still there. The only way you can stay anonymous and hide your search history is to use VPN. The VPN masks your IP address. So you can easily change your location. That way, your address can’t be traced back to you.

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